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Kenya World Ploughing 2017.

Kenya World Ploughing 2017

The Great Rift Valley, Nakuru,

Egerton University- Ngongongeri Farm

World Ploughing Contest

24TH November, 2017 to 3rd December 2017

Apply for the 2017 World ploughing Contest


The Kenya Ploughing Organization (KPO) was established in 1966 under the auspices of the Agricultural society of Kenya (ASK).  KPO is tasked with the responsibility of organizing National Ploughing contests which start off as ploughing heats across the ASK branch offices. Ploughmen who participate in the contests demonstrate exceptional skills in preparation of a good seed bed. The National contest serves as an Educative forum for the farmers to encourage the development and adoption of new techniques in agriculture.

Kenya Ploughing Organization is an affiliate of the World Ploughing Organization (WPO). WPO was established in 1952 and serves to foster a vigorous spirit to preserve and improve the skill set of land ploughing. It is also keen on demonstration work and trade displays, Cooperation of food production enterprise in order to increase world population and Promoting fellowships amongst all nations. WPO has over 31 affiliate countries which participate in the World Ploughing Contest (WPC) and each year one country is given the opportunity to host the event.

We are happy that Kenya has the honor of hosting the 64th World Ploughing Contest this year. The contest will run from 24th November to 3rd December 2017 at Egerton University. The Kenya Ploughing Organization will be hosting ploughmen, judges and visitors from all over the world who will come to witness this great event.

Kenya is a breathtaking natural beauty. It is home to the modern Safari, The Big Five and several most visited heritage sites in the world. The coastal beaches and the game reserves are also a major game changer when it comes to tourism in Kenya. Kenya is the biggest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa and this has really helped boost its performance in tourism, higher education and telecommunication. Tourists should not forget to  take back home with them the Kenyan tea which is the main Cash crop together with the Maasai ornaments as memorabilia.

The World Ploughing Contest is set to draw out large sponsorships from key players in the Agricultural and Technological Sector. Benefits that come with Participating in the Contest will include being recognized as a partner and participant in the WPC and also being able to showcase products at the exhibition stands.

Apply for the 2017 World ploughing Contest

              Welcome to the World Ploughing Contest 2017 in Kenya

                           Your ultimate destination of Choice.


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