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Corporate Governance

KPO will remain accountable with enhanced transparency so as to remain responsive to our stakeholders and society in general. We will strive to be a reliable and trusted Organization.

Given the important role the Society plays in the economy, the stakeholders and the public have a high degree of sensitivity to any difficulties potentially arising from any Corporate Governance shortcomings.

Corporate Governance is thus of great relevance both to the stakeholders in the Agriculture and Trade sectors as well as Government and hence merits targeted supervisory guidance.

From the Society’s perspective, Corporate Governance involves the allocation of authority and responsibility i.e. the manner in which the business and affairs of the organization are governed by the Council and senior management.

During the Plan Period the Society has put in place the requisite measures to constitute the following Committees – Audit committee, Risk committee, Human Resources/Governance Committee as well as the Ethics/Compliance Committee.



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